How to experience In-lightenment vs Enlightenment

“The sun won’t understand, my inner search for peace of mind, he doesn’t see why I can’t find the light, that is my light.” ~Janita

One night while looking at the moon she spoke to me and this is what she said:

“I am Auset (the soul; subconscious). I am receptive by nature. I give birth (reflect) to Heru (the Sun; the spirit; willpower). I shine the brightness in the mist of darkness. Do you identify as Set (the EGO) or will you allow Ausar to be resurrected (the Divine)? Whomever you shall serve, is who you will identify yourself to be and that will shine bright in the mist of your darkness sky.”

This is what In-lightenment (inner light) is as oppose to Enlightenment. It’s being the light in the mist of darkness versus trying to escape the darkness looking for the light. Read more »

    The Best Lessons Come From The Worst Experiences

    Editor’s Note: This is a post written to be part of the Life Lessons series on I was honored to be featured in Life Lessons—The Best Self-Reflections From 108 Bloggers compiled by Abubakar Jamil and Farnoosh Brock


    “Sometimes you struggle hard just to prevail, It’s the lesson you need to learn, It’s the way you’ve got to earn” ~Mary Mary

    Perceived “bad” experiences are like the soil on ground. Depending on how we nurture what’s in that soil, they can become the very reason to cause us to grow into that beautiful flower we see on the surface. Here is my “dirt” and what it taught me so far throughout the years.

    Being depressed taught me…

    1. Happiness is based on what perspective you have about life

    2. Life really ain’t that serious (Yes I used incorrect grammar…lighten up it AINT that serious ;-))

    3. To be emotionally stable you have to learn how to balance your highs and your lows

    4. Being grateful is truly the best way to shift focus when you are feeling down

    5. Heaven and Hell is state of mind instead of some place in the ground or sky Read more »