Letting Go for You and Him…

Breaking up is hard for most. But it is even harder when you know you have been manipulated or misuse in any kind of way

But holding on to someone who obviously isn’t holding onto you is NOT beneficial for you or him. It keeps you both stuck in damaging patterns and as a result neither of you are able to grow and heal.

Divine true love would NEVER ask you to stay in an abusive situation. Divine love wants what is best for both parties even if that mean both parties must part ways. Read more »

    Be Clear About Who You Are Vs. What You Want

    “Don’t you know that where your mind is, is where you’re gonna stay. So are you ready? It’s going take a lot of preparation to reach your destination.”~Mary Mary

    It is not enough to be clear about what you want. Being clear about what you want is a precursor to help you become clear about WHO YOU NEED TO BE in order to handle and maintain all that comes along with what you say you desire.

    So ask yourself “Am I truly ready to receive what I’m asking for?”

    Maybe you are clear that you desire an increase in your income. However are you a person that is responsible with finances? What type value do you bring to the market place that would allow you to increase your income?

    Or maybe you desire a committed relationship. However have you learn to fully commit to yourself? Have you resolve baggage from previous relationships?

    These are the type of things we need to become clear about.

    The saying goes “God never gives you more than you can handle.” Is this true? In a sense yes and no.

    Life will always give you more than you can handle to test your ability for growth. You might very well attract you desires without being ready to handle it but the key is not in attracting but maintaining it.

    If you can’t handle more money you won’t get more money or as soon as you get it you will lose it. If you can’t handle a “good” man/woman you won’t get it or as soon as you do, you will do something to sabotage it.

    When you focus on the character building traits needed in order to get all you desire, the desires will take care of themselves. This is true manifestation and true clarity.

    God (NTR) knows your heart’s desires. Don’t strive for what you desire, become the person needed to fulfill that desire. Use what you want as a guide to build you character so when that opportunity is attracted to you, you will be able to hold, receive and maintain it.

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      How “Loneliness” Can Teach You Self Love

      Sometimes I get lonely
      and I use food as confront
      or I hide in my work in order to ease the fact that there is no real romance in my life.
      And I cry in my loneliness
      wishing I had my own love story to come home to.
      And I get sad thinking “will anyone ever love me again? Will I find him? Will he find me?
      Has he already found me and I’m just not aware?”
      I love and lost once to violence. A tragedy.
      I love and lost again due to abuse and infidelity. Sickening.
      And now I’m alone, cold and lonely.
      Going to work with a fake smile pretending that everything is alright.
      Pretending that I can do it on my own.
      Hiding myself from what I truly want because I’m afraid to be hurt
      So I have my food, my music, and my movies to keep me company.
      I work and eat to numb the lonely.

      I wrote this poem during a very lonely time in my life. I had just got out of a bad relationship and I felt empty. I felt lonely and I felt bad for being lonely because all the articles would say cliche’ quotes like “You can’t be lonely if you enjoy the person you are with.” I ask myself is that true? Oh no I’m experiencing loneliness so I must hate being with myself?

      Then I realize that was not necessary true at least not for me. It’s not about never feeling lonely. Or judging yourself for loneliness when it arises. It’s about being that person to confront yourself when loneliness does arises.

      To deny my loneliness is to put a level of distrust within myself. If I was feeling down in the mist of my mother she would not judge me she would console me. She would hold me and wipe away my tears. I don’t have to hide from me. I don’t have to feel ashamed of how I feel in front of me. Cause that girl in the mirror accepts me and allows me to cry on her shoulders. She allows me to feel sad. She allows me to express without out judgement.

      All I needed was to vent. For not everyday or even most days I feel like this. But when those bad days hit she is still there. Reminding me that I don’t have to be perfect or some self help guru…just human.

      Loneliness is not a curse. It’s a gift; a blessing in disguise if used wisely. Of course the goal is not to stay in a place of loneliness. The goal is not to stay in a place of any “negative” emotion. The intention is to seek balance and learn from what these emotions are trying to tell you and teach you. For me loneliness teaches me sef love because it gives me the opportunity to fill that empty space that void that I normally would fill with sex, men, food or alcohol. Use your loneliness wisely.

        STOP being “Good” and START Becoming “Balance, Whole and Complete”

        I’m NOT a good woman or a good person.

        I been trying so hard all these years to be good and quite frankly it is not working out for me.

        I realize in order to be balance…in order to be at peace with myself I must be…


        We all have a “good side” and a “bad side” and in order to be balance, whole, and complete we must embrace ALL that we are without guilt or shame.

        2 Ways on How to Go from Being Good to Being Balance

        1. Become (W)holistic in your thinking.

        Understand that “good” and “bad” are relative experiences and they both need to exist in order for you to experience one or the other. YOU are the only one that decides what is good in bad based on your own value system and beliefs. I

        2. Don’t repress other parts of you.

        Nothing can be healed if you do not admit that it is apart of you in the first place. When you repress all that you have judged is “bad” within you, it will manifest itself outside of itself as a reflection in the form of people, situations, or obstacles. Recognizing that you have both sides within you takes the finger you are pointing at others and directs it back to you. It helps you start the healing process.

        So don’t be good. Don’t be bad. Be Balance. Be Whole. Be Complete.